Произвежда полипропиленова нишка за балиране различен tex, конопени, полипропиленови и полиамидни усукани въжета с диаметър до 40 мм и осем кордни плетени въжета с диаметър от 16 до 50 мм.

Фирмата извършва дублиране и пресукване на памучни и полиестерни прежди със собствени и на клиента материали.


The most responsible type of twisted and braided products are the ropes with diameters from 6 to 40 mm, with high tensile strength and  increased wear and environment’s influence resistance. They are designed for use under extreme conditions and are subject of multiplex and prolonged use in industry, construction and transport. The most frequent types are 3 stranded twisted and 8 stranded braided ropes, which are used as well in fishing, marine and sea transport. Our factory produces mainly polypropylene fibre and ropes. Polypropylene is a material of the present and future. It’s advantage is that it can be recycled and offers low specific weight, resistance against humidity, as well as high UV radiation stability. The first stage in the manufacture of PP ropes is a granulate processing to stripped polypropylene, then twisted to a cord.

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